Lori Wood(non-registered)
I really love your photos! You have a great gift!
MARY LOU FOLTZ(non-registered)
Love your photos.
Jim Shirley(non-registered)
Amazing photos Suzanne!! You certainly have a gift for photography!!!
Bob Z(non-registered)
I absolutely love your pictures Suzanne...very artistic, nice color, light, composition and the 'subjects' are SO diverse and interesting. Many of them made me pause and 'reflect', with several having the 'wow' factor! If I had to pick a favorite, I really love the shot of the bicycle suspended on the 'pilings' with the sailboat in the background. You have created a wonderful 'portfolio' and it is apparent that you DO truly love 'seeing' through the lens. I am happy you 'found' what you want to spend your time on in this next part of your 'journey'.
Katie Chesson(non-registered)
The shoot was so much fun! I definitely felt like a model! My dream come true<3 You are such a great photographer, keep it up!
Lisa Palmer(non-registered)
Suzanne, I so enjoyed viewing your photos. WOW, amazing prints. I love your site.
You go girl and keep following your passion.
Brianne Hanshaw(non-registered)
Suzanne, I love your photos! Beautiful.
Laura Mathison(non-registered)
You have such a talent. I just love the fall shots. I saw your pics on facebook and I thought I'd check out if you had your own website. Beautiful
Ron Hansen(non-registered)
Great to see pics of the Milwaukee trip! Very nice!
Paula Greco-Markhofer(non-registered)
Very cool! Love the Car shots and the flowers.
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